Virus Removal Service

The virus has its name implies can be destructive, people who are conversant with the destructive effect of the virus are less compared to the ignorant ones. A computer virus is a malware that replicates once dead to reproduce itself or infect other programs. It is a specific one whose intention is to cause havoc in its host (computer). It alters computer function; it can also be hazardous when it spreads to another computer through a network connection. If left uncared for or unattended to, it can lead to numerous loss that might be unrecoverable, it attaches itself to several files/programs/documents and stays inert until activated, once the file infested is executed, it runs and delete data, corrupt important files and steals vital data.


Signs of Virus Infestation



Computer becomes unresponsive.

 Loss of files.

 Internet speed is slowed down.

 Computer function slows down.

Solution offered

The virus can be removed with the help of experts. Some prefer to get antivirus software, this might work to some extent, but not all virus infestation can be able to remove some infested hidden files in the system. His has to be done by experienced experts, which is why Thinkbig technologies technical service is here for you.