E-Learning- Learning Management System 

This Application help the school, university, tuition centre, private organization to perform online learning which let the teachers/instructors and students to perform some common class activities online. Instructors and students have to register themselves and wait for the admin to approve their registration request in order to login to the portal. When the admin approves or rejects the request, the instructor/student will receive an email notification. Then, they can login to the portal. Instructors can upload reading materials in the form of documents (ppt,doc,txt,excel,csv), videos, audios, texts, and links. Students can download the reading materials for each chapter. Instructors can also give assignments to their students and the students can submit the assignments. There is also an interesting quiz game section where instructors can create for the students to play. The quiz game has correct/wrong sound effects and the questions can be randomized. Instructors and students can also create discussion threads in a course channel to have discussion together.