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Facebook is going to give its users another advantage.Facebook is preparing to unify all its messaging platforms. After this, messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram will be brought together. However, according to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, such a platform will not be ready before 2020.

Now it seems that Facebook has stepped up this approach. Company’s Cross Connected Vision’s Idea recently introduced customers, when the Facebook app itself has spotted the feature of the Messenger app.
App researcher Jane Manchun Wang has shared some screenshots, which clearly show that the Messenger function has been added to the Facebook app.

It is clear from this that Facebook’s own chat feature messenger is at least like returning to the main Facebook app as before. In the shared screenshots, the Facebook app appears to be a messenger icon on the top right corner of the window. After taping on it, the list of all Facebook contacts is visible and they can be messaged from here as a messenger app.

Screenshots have become clear that users will now be able to chat with their friends on the Facebook app. However, this new feature of Integrated Facebook Chat option will sort only the simple chat of multimedia bells and emoji can be used.

In such a situation, if a user wishes to make a video or voice call or send a photo, then he must download the Messenger app separately. Make it clear, this feature has not yet been shown to everyone, and only a few users spotted it. Facebook was a messenger app released in 2011, and three years after its messenger feature was removed from the main Facebook app.

It seems that due to its unified platforms plan, Facebook Messenger has now brought it back to its app as a startup. The company is working to give many users with their own ownership on a single platform to deliver better user experience. It is believed that this feature will soon be needed for all users.

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